Medicine Making/Apothecary/Plant Identification Internship

I am offering this unique flexible scheduling internship opportunity for local herbal community members of all levels of experience. It is designed to be mutually beneficial to both of us. This year I will be taking an intern with me on my gathering forays and inviting an intern into my office for other medicine making and apothecary management activities. This is a great opportunity for you to meet the plants in a variety of Minnesota landscapes and locations. While we forage and wildcraft I will offer one-on-one instruction geared towards your needs. I will identify plants, give botanical and medicine making information and discuss the history, folklore and uses of the plant including information about energetics, specific indications, toxicity, taste, chemical constituents and more. I will answer any questions you have about any topic related to herbal medicine! For those sessions back at the office we will be decanting tinctures, refilling testing bottles, making syrups, infusing oils and more.

I will post a few dates/times each month. Pick the ones that work for you. First come, first served. I will indicate on my website which date/times are for work in the apothecary and which are out in the field.

$$$$: There will be no money exchanged between us; it’s totally FREE.

What do I get out of it? To be honest, my practice has grown to the point where it is very difficult for me to harvest enough plant material for the year, but I highly value providing my clients with handmade tinctures from wild plants. So you will be helping me harvest for my practice. I repeat, you will be harvesting for my practice, not for personal use or your own practice. I also really like teaching and enjoy having some companionship while I work. If you are handy with a camera I may also ask you to use my camera or phone to take pictures of plants or medicine making that may be use on my website or other digital media.

Prerequisites: Any level of experience welcome from totally new to practitioner. I will only accept interns whom I have met in person (attended a class of mine, been a client or someone I’ve met through other community or social groups). If you really want to forage with me but we don’t know each other but have someone in common in our lives ask them to send an email of introduction to me. Sorry, strangers, but I am not heading out alone in the woods with you.

herbal harvest

Cancelling: I get it. Life happens. Please don’t no call/no show. You can use the scheduling app to cancel your appointment and then it will be available to someone else. Give me as much warning as you can so I can try to find someone else.

Documentation for you: I will happily fill out any forms, provide you with a record of your hours working with me, write letters of recommendation or even print you out a certificate if you need something like this for a credential or formal course of study.

Upcoming Dates:   Click here to schedule

All dates offered will be on Wednesdays, Thursdays  or Fridays.  If you click on the schedule and it says no appointments available, that means it’s already full.

Thursday, June 27th, 3-5 pm Apothecary: In Office Medicine Making Activities

Thursday, July 11th, 2:30-5 pm: Field and Forest: Wildcrafting and Foraging

Thursday, July 25th, 12-2:30 pm: Field and Forest Wildcrafting and Foraging

Thursday, August 8th, 3-5 pm.  Apothecary:  soapmaking

Thursday, August 22nd, 2:30-5 pm.  Field and Forest: Wildcrafting and Foraging

Check back often for more dates.  If you are unable to schedule via acuity, it means the date is already taken.