Kind Words

I have attended classes of Erin’s, which are well organized, well thought out, and eloquently and concisely presented. I have used her herbal expertise numerous times for myself and for my children with great experience and good outcome. She has even been at the birth of my son, where she again, used her herbal expertise to help my birth go well. Additionally, I’ve sent my own patients to her for help and have gotten nothing but good praise.

-Heather Ingbretson, D.C., F.I.C.P.A.



In the years I have relied on this herbalist for my myriad of needs I have never been let down by her wealth of knowledge or her ability to know me and my healing style personally. She has that unusual and desired gift of being able to balance and access both concrete scientific facts and energetic instinct. Erin is a blessed healer that I feel blessed to know and trust.

-Sarah Honeywell
Client for over 5 years



Erin Piorier was a huge blessing in the birth of my first child. My husband and I cannot imagine the birth without her support. I can be very shy and reserved and Erin was able to meet me where I was and made me feel very comfortable and empowered to have a positive birth experience. I also was so appreciative of the post-natal visits-it was a important part of my recovery.

-Channy C.


I have struggled with health problems related to Celiac Sprue disease and other allergies. I have gone to Erin for help for everything from urinary tract problems to colds and sore throats to anxiety and trouble sleeping. I find that Erin has a gentle and comforting touch to the healing herbal work that she does. Sitting with her in consults, I feel genuinely cared for and also empowered to accept my body and understand my health problems as normal challenges in my body’s attempt to find balance. Erin doesn’t not treat me as though every symptom is a drastic set back in my health (which is how it can feel) or a huge problem that needs aggressive treatment. She approaches me with a lot of compassion, insight and grounding. I find that she is lovely person who exudes both gentle motherly nuturing and skilled professional confidence. Sometimes, I just need a little comfort, help, direction, support and the right plant medicine to help me function better. I find the Erin’s remedies nudge my body in the right direction to do its own healing work; or, that her remedies comfort and lift me out of a funk when my body is going through a rough healing process. She has helped me get through a lot of dramatic and minor health issues. As a student and client of Erin’s, I trust her and enjoy her company. She has skills as a healer that are important and hard to find in conventional medical practices.
-Erin A.

Erin was a god-send, literally. Having her throughout the version and the birth, including before, during, and after was such a gift. I had a very rough last week of the pregnancy… finding out the baby was breach, changing doctors, having a version, and in the end, a very long, difficult delivery. Erin put me at ease through all of it. Two thing especially stand out

1. When we found out our daughter was breach, Erin provided recommendations for getting the baby turned, including exercises and alternative doctors (ie. cranial sacral, acupuncture, chiropractic, etc)
2. After I had the baby, I was in a lot of pain due to the tearing and stitches. Erin had herbal remedies to minimize the discomfort and speed up the healing. I remember her coming to the hospital the next day with an herbal mixture for the bathtub. Truly, that was the first taste of relief I had felt since the first contraction.

I never imagined giving birth would be so out of my control… (my daughter was going to arrive when and in the manner she wanted to) I was so grateful to rely on the advice and support to get me through the most difficult thing I have ever experienced in my life.

-Erica Faulkner



I am a doula and I knew that I wanted a doula when I gave birth, but I wasn’t sure what role she would play. Erin was an excellent choice. She followed my lead through the contractions holding my hands and going with the rhythm of my labor. When things got intense I gripped her hands more firmly and she provided steady ground for me to continue. At one point I said, “I don’t think I can relax through these anymore,” and it was freeing for her to say, “You may not be able to.” She was truly a birth-partner for me–I don’t know how I would have managed without her.

I never anticipated that I would need an advocate at a homebirth, but the end of my labor didn’t go smoothly and we were so glad we had Erin. She spoke up when she knew I was nervous and confused. My emotional wellbeing was at the forefront of everything she did. Without a doubt, we will ask Erin to attend our next birth.

-Heidi E.



Erin and her son Henry

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