Pop-Up Medicine Making Workshop: Spring Bark Tincturing

The herbal new year is nearly upon us.  It always sneaks up on me.  Late winter/early spring is the time that the trees respond to warmer temperatures during the day and their vital energy in the form of sap begins to run and is abundant near the surface of the tree, between the the outer bark and the wood.

Join me for a day of early spring medicine making.  We will gather in Saint Paul and visit one or two locations in the area and make two to three bark tinctures. I will guide you through the process of making a tincture from bark and share in-depth information about the medicinal properties, actions, history, energetics and folklore so that you can confidently use your remedies with friends, family members or clients.

We will also  spend time learning plant identification.  Winter plan i.d.  is fun and practical!  When you learn to identify the herbaceous and woody plants like trees and shrubs in their winter skeletal states you will deepen your understanding and intimacy with the these plants and your winter walks will take on a new dimension, allowing you to find medicinal plants you may want to return to in warmer months.   During our walk we will focus on key identification characteristics and solid botanical information.

Saturday, March 18th

1-5 pm

Saint Paul, MN


Registration:  Use the paypal button below.  You can also register the old fashioned way by sending a check to Erin Piorier at 851 Dayton Avenue, Saint Paul, MN 55104.  Be sure to include your email address with your check.

All registrations will be confirmed by email and participants will be sent information about location, what to wear, what to expect and a small list of supplies for making your personal tinctures.



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