Herbal Medicine for Women’s Health: An Intermediate/Advanced Series of Workshops

**Registration for this series is closed.  I offer an intermediate/advanced series each winter.  Check back for 2018 offereings**

Join me this Winter to dive deeply into the study of women’s health and herbal medicine.

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With instructor herbalist and homebirth midwife,  Erin Piorier, and special guest lecturers Lise Wolff, RH, American Herbalist Guild and Katherine Krumwiede, L.Ac., M.A.O.M

Winter is a time when plants die back to the ground and life is concentrated below the surface.  We humans also feel the call to retreat inward.  Join us  this winter as we explore the deep inner workings of the female body.

In this series we will look at the rhythms of the female system and the many  herbs used to soothe and heal women’s health concerns throughout the stages of our lives. This series will present a synthesis of information  including medical vocabulary and a look at conventional treatments, research about causes of various disorders, traditional or holistic perspectives on the female lifecycle and women’s health imbalances,  practical, useful nutrition and lifestyle suggestions and of course, the centerpiece of our studies, herbal remedies.  When discussing herbs our focus will be on locally available native or naturalized plants and our aim is to not a “take this for that” approach, but rather a truly holistic style of herbal medicine that takes into account the entire individual from head to toe and seeks to make sense of observable patterns.  Participants will  sample many herbal preparations and learn how to effectively employ these gentle yet powerful healing agents for themselves, their mothers and daughters or in their healing practices.

The series consists of ten classes spread out from January through May. All classes take place on Thursday evenings from 6:30 to 9 pm and are located in Saint Paul.

Thursday, January 12th.  Class one: Herbal Energetics: Making Sense of Patterns in the Body: Holistic does not simply mean natural. Traditional holistic medicine is concerned with the patterns  of health and disease manifested in individual bodies. These patterns are often called energetics and are described in various well-developed traditional medicine around the world.  In this workshop we will introduce (or review)the concepts of energetics. We will also discuss(and practice) tongue assessment as a useful means to identify the patterns of health in an individual and the direction for more precise and effective treatment.  If you have ever wondered what it means to be hot, cold, damp or dry, this is the class for you.

Thursday, January 26th. Class two: the female endocrine system and the role of hormones in health, well-being and disease

Thursday, February 9th. Class three: Infections:  acute urinary tract infections and interstitial cystitis, yeast infections, HPV and cervical dysplasia, herpes,  and other vaginal infections

Thursday, February 23rd.  Class four: Reproductive and Hormonal Imbalance and Disorders:  PMS, painful periods/cramping, Fibrocystic Breast Disease, Endometriosis, Cysts, Fibroids, Amenorrhea and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Thursday, March 9th.  Class five: Promoting Breast Health on a Daily Basis with Katherine Krumwiede “It’s time to replace Breast Cancer Awareness with Breast Health Awareness. Learn to identify the issues that adversely affect breast health and steps to take to promote breast health. Comprehensive handout on Breast Health included.”

Thursday, March 23rd. Class six: Infertility with Lise Wolff:  Lise, a practitioner with over twenty years of clinical experience, will share the range of issues to explore with clients who are trying to become pregnant and cases from her own practice as well as herbal, nutritional and flower essence remedies.

Thursday, April 6th. Class seven: Herbs for Pregnancy: We will discuss and sample tonic teas for prevention and nourishment, safe use of herbs in pregnancy, insomnia and anxiety,  nausea and vomiting, heartburn, sciatica, varicosities, leg cramps, constipation, pre-term labor, use of herbs as partus preparators or during labor.

Thursday, April 20th. Class Eight: Herbs for Postpartum and Breastfeeding including traditional and cross cultural ideas about a healthy postpartum, uterine toning,  afterpains, postpartum depression and anxiety, perineal healing, c-sec incision healing, hemorrhoids,  anemia from hemorrhage, galactogogues, plugged ducts and mastitis, nipple healing,  and thrush

Thursday, May 4th Class nine: Herbs for Menopause, including hot flashes, night sweats, heart palpitations, vaginal atrophy and dryness, flooding, and hypothyroidism

Thursday, May 18th. Class ten:  Women’s Health Herb Walk.  After months of talking about all these herbs and tasting the tinctures we will wrap up our series by meeting the plants face to face  in their environment. Metro location to be announced.

Make-up class:  I am also a homebirth midwife and winter storms can also throw a wrench in our plans.  Should I need to reschedule a class due to severe weather or being at a birth, a make-up class will take place on Thursday, May 11th.



Early registration discount:  register by Thursday, December 22nd for $270–it’s like getting one class for free!

Flexible registration option: If your schedule makes it difficult for you to commit to the whole series or you are not interested in all of the topics I have another option for you.

Pick 4 registration.  Before the series commences register under the Pick 4 option and make a payment of $120. You will be added to the participant list and receive all emails and access to the class google drive folder of handouts.  You may come to any 4 classes you choose and you do not need to choose them beforehand or  communicate your choices to me–just show up!  If you come to the first four and would like to continue with the rest of the series you may simply pay the balance and keep showing up for classes.

Sorry! There will be no single class registrations for this winter’s series; last minute registrations are hard for me to manage.

Register by using the paypal button below, either the Pick 4 or the Early Registration Button through December 22nd . After the the fee will be changed to $300.

The old-fashioned way: send a check to Erin Piorier, 851 Dayton Avenue, St. Paul MN 55104.

Please include your email and phone number. Your registration will be confirmed by email.

Questions are welcome by commenting below or emailing me at herbalisterin@outlook.com






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