Learn Plant Medicine: Two Summer Workshops

You can still register for this workshop! It’s been rescheduled for 7/28/2016

All About Sunscreen + Make Your Own Super Natural Yarrow Green Tea Sunscreen

This workshop will help you make choices for yourself and your family about what to put on your body when it’s hot and sunny for the remainder of the summer.


In this hands on workshop we will review some of the latest information on conventional commercial sunscreen: what’s in it, what works, what doesn’t, how much does it protect you and what are the risks of using commercial sunscreen? Then we will turn our attention to some of the alternatives from nature including butters and oils with spf, traditional and safe barriers like zinc and titanium oxide and botanicals like Yarrow, Green Tea, Sea Buckthorn and others.

As a group we will make natural sunscreen and participants will take home a generous jar for personal use. This sunscreen is not a greasy salve; it‘s a rich, creamy, fragrant water–oil emulsion that you won’t mind slathering on your skin. You’ll learn the recipe and the technique so you can continue making your own sunscreen in the future.

Date and Time: Thursday, July 28th. 6:30–9 pm.

Location:  Blue Vervain Botanicals: 851 Dayton Avenue, Saint Paul, MN 55104

Registration Fee: This workshop is $35. Register using the button below.

What you need:  Nothing! Handouts, as well as all supplies for making sunscreen will be provided.

Class Size: This class is limited to 15 people.

 No Paypal? You can mail your registration.  Send a check to Erin Piorier, 851 Dayton Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55104. Be sure to include your name, email and phone number.


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Medicinal Trees and Shrubs Identification Walk


Elder blossoms

In this plant walk we will focus on the woody plants who persist throughout the year. Many local trees are medicinal and tree medicine is abundant and versatile.  Trees may have medicinal bark, buds, blossoms, fruits and nuts. Many trees and shrubs have multiple medicinal parts. In this walk we will focus on identifying trees using bark, silhouette, leaf, flower and fruit.  We will discuss edibility, traditional and contemporary medicinal uses, folklore, toxicity and more, a special emphasis will be placed on understanding what and when to harvest from the tree when making medicine so you can plan your seasonal wildcrafting.

This class is suitable for all levels.  Beginners are welcome.  More experienced herbal students and medicine makers will certainly learn something new about the medicinal trees around us.

Thursday, August 11th.  6-8:30 pm


Location:  St. Paul, MN

Detailed location information, what to bring, etc.will be sent by email 7-10 days prior to class.


Register online below using paypal. Confirmation will be by eamil.

No paypals? mail a check to Erin Piorier, 851 Dayton Avenue, Saint Paul, MN 55104.  Please indicate the class you are registering for and don’t forget to include your phone number and email address.





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  1. Hi, I would love to attend Thrursdays Tree and shrub walk. I was wondering if my 2 kids could come with they are very interested in learning more about herbs. Thanks, Megan

    1. Older kids usually works pretty well. Baby in a carrier works well too. Toddlers and preschool age is hard in my experience. How old are your kids?

    1. For some reason I couldn’t read your response to the comment before. Where is the walk located?

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