Holistic Assessment Classes with Dennis Anderson at the Minnesota Herbal Festival

facial evaluation


In the early 2000’s I was taking classes with Dennis Anderson. Everyone was taking classes with Dennis, herbal students, professional herbalists, flower essence practitioners, massage therapists….Dennis’s classes came highly recommended by Matthew Wood who was influential to many of us studying herbal medicine at the time in Minnesota and actively teaching intermediate and advanced courses in herbal medicine in Minneapolis and at Sunnyfield Herb Farm.  Dennis’s series on holistic evaluation of the body were (and continue to be) unique and so in-depth.  Dennis blends a deep understanding Ayurvedic medicine and the Tridosha typology, homeopathy, herbal medicine and ancient assessment techniques. These techniques are based on the observations of traditional and holistic systems around the world. There’s no machines, no expensive blood,saliva or hair testing–. his teachings require only that the practitioner trains his or her senses to be an acute observer of the human being sitting before you.

We are pleased to announce that Dennis will be joining us at this year’s Minnesota Herbal Festival, teaching two workshops about holistic assessment.

Holistic Assessment:  Two Workshops with Dennis Anderson

Class One:  Ear and Palm Holistic Evaluation

Class Two:  Holistic Evaluation of the Face

These workshops will introduce the participant to the Ayurvedic Tri-dosha and hierarchy of the organ systems to help the practitioner better understand body evaluation. Through this process, one can interpret the state of well-being and monitor it’s progression. We will be examining the cause behind the symptoms’ relationship to dis-ease within the body. This may be looked at in a way that some of you will be familiar with, and it may be very new to others.

In the first class, we will be studying the Ear and Palm and how it correlates to the organs and dis-ease. The second class we will look at the Face. Every line, wrinkle, and color have meaning and a story to tell us, and understanding our health that has been passed down to us through our genetics. We will explore how to form the right questions from evaluation of the body to better understand how to help administer health and move on a  path of healing.

You can register here.

About Dennis

Dennis Anderson

Dennis Anderson started his adventures in the woods as a young boy growing up in the Hills of Mondovi, Wisconsin. He attended U.W. River Falls, Wisconsin majoring in Agronomy.

Dennis owned and operated a successful organic fertilizer company, Naples Natural Supply, that served North West Wisconsin from 1970 until its sale in 1998.

He worked as a soil consultant for Super Gro of Iowa in nine northern states from 1980 until 1988. His position was a trouble shooter for soil, plant, and animal problems in the field. He was also a lecturer and educator which included over one hundred lectures per year. He also co-developed a livestock nutritional program for them.

Dennis has instructed hundreds of educational presentations on soils, plants. and nutrition to a variety of groups and organizations including Iowa Organic Growers, Herbalist Guild of Minnesota, National Plant Savers Conference, and Northwestern College, Bloomington, Minnesota to name a few.

From 1988 to 1991 he co-owned and operated Sandhill School of the Healing Arts with Dr. Roy Ozanne, MD, HMD.  Sandhill was a clinic and retreat center for people with health challenges. Sandhill also had an educational program.

In 1999, he developed a forty five (45) hour course on Holistic evaluation which is given on a yearly basis.

From 1970 to the present, Dennis has attended and completed many short courses like The Bach Flower Certified counselor course, Mari-El and Reiki healing instructions and many soil, plant, Homeopathic, herbal and nutritional courses. In 2008, he completed The Transition Town training course which trains people to build life in communities.

In 2009, he co-created the Greater Mondovi Sustainability Network with the help and participation of the local community based on the transition town model.

From the mid 1970¹s to the present, Dennis has been growing and studying heirloom plants in regard for their nutritional qualities and relationship to the soil they are grown on. This work is ongoing at Dancing Yarrow Acres in rural Mondovi.






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