Deep Winter Medicine Making and Herbalism Workshop

Poor herbalists, stuck inside all winter, no thriving, green plants to meet and learn and no medicine to make.

There’s always more to learn. And you can get started with medicine making or grow your herbal apothecary in the winter.  Join me this January to make immerse yourself in herbal medicine, learning about plants and healing and making medicines, the kind of medicines that are perfectly suited to being made in the deep winter.

During this workshop participants will make three tinctures including:

Turmeric tincture, made from fresh, organic turmeric root procured from the local co-op. No turmeric is local, as turmeric requires a much warmer climate.

Organic seed tinctures: your choice of Anise, Fennel, Fenugreek or Celery Seed

A mucilage rich tincture:  your choice of organic Licorice Root or Marshmallow Root.   I will teach you a method to make an mucilage rich water extract preserved with alcohol.

In addition to medicine making techniques participants will learn about the botany, history, traditional uses and clinical indications for the remedies we have made together. We will discuss:

The role of Turmeric, a very popular herb in commerce, for treating acute and chronic inflammation.

Mucilage Rich herbs (especially our remedies of Licorice and Marshmallow) and their uses in the service of healing and soothing inflammed or eroded mucus membranes especially those of the upper respiratory system,  g.i. tract and urinary tract.

Carminitives:  Most medicinal seeds are classified as carminitives. These remedies rich in stimulating,anti-microbial and  usually warming volatile oils.   We will discuss this category of remedies and how you can use them in times of illness or upper respiratory tract infections, for stimulating and improving digestion and their usefulness in infancy and young children and during breastfeeding.

Date:  Sunday, February 9th

Time: 1-5 pm

Cost:  $55 includes workshop fee, handouts and plant material to make 3 tinctures.  Additional tinctures can be made for $3 each.   If you choose to make one extra tincture, your total cost would be $58, for example. If you choose to make all 7 tinctures listed above your total cost would be $77.  Payment for additional tinctures can be made on the day of the workshop.

Registration:  Register online using the paypal button.

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Mail registration:  Send a check to Erin Piorier, 851 Dayton Avenue, St. Paul MN 55104

If you are registering by mail please include your telephone number and email address.

All registrations will be confirmed by email and participants will receive an email with directions and a list of supplies necessary for the class.

This workshop is limited to twelve participants.

I welcome your questions.  Call me at 612-508-0584, email me at  or ask a question in the comments section.

  1. Hi!I really want to come to this workshop-Can I show up or should I register first-and I want to make all 7 tinctures.  I apprenticed with an herbalist in MT for 6 years while going to college so I am comfortable and familiar with the techniques.  I got a  “real” job after college and recently quite that to follow my passions of integrating my love of gardening, medicinal plants and health.  I have been health coaching and want to get back into harvesting, and making medicinals and using them in my coaching practice.  This seems Like a great opportunity! Angela Sydnes Grow InspiredGarden, Cook & Live Healthier   Instantly Double your Energy so you can get more done in less time while avoiding the 3pm crash.  Schedule your Free Energy Jumpstart Session Today!

    1. Thanks for you interest, Angela. To attend the workshop please pre-register using the link to paypal on the post about the class. I would love to hear more about your herbal studies. 6 years is a long apprenticeship!

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