Lunch Time Herb Walk Added the Herb Fest Schedule

An herbal student contacted me and asked if we would consider offering an herb walk during the lunch break at this year’s Holistic Health and Herbal Education Festival.    What a great idea! I can’t believe that didn’t occur to us over the last seven years.

So this year’s herb fest will feature a 45 or 50 minute herb walk during the second half of the lunch break for those who don’t need or want a longer break and want to fill up as much time learning about the plants as possible!  We’ve invited back one of last year’s instructors, Twin Cities herbalist, Macey Flood, to lead the lunch time walk.

LUNCH HOUR PLANT WALK: If you’re hungry to meet the plants but don’t know where to start – start here!  Join herbalist Macey Flood on a plant identification walk.  Meet some of the wild all-stars of Minnesota and learn a few of their most important uses.  Though we will stop often for identification, we’ll try to cover some ground.

About Macey
Macey Flood’s first love was a maple tree.  She has studied and apprenticed with Lise Wolff, Erin Piorier, and other local herbalists.  She enjoys teaching about teas and plant id, and she holds a small practice in South Minneapolis.

Macey blogs at where you can find info about other classes she teaches and read articles about herbal medicine.

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