Holistic Health and Herbal Education Festival 2012

This is our seventh year offering this community event where we bring together excellent educator-practitioners to share their information, wisdom and skills with the herbal and natural health enthusiasts of the upper midwest.  The format is casual conference style.  Four sessions throughout the day and 2 or 3 workshops offered per session.

This year the festival is on Saturday, September 15th and it takes place on a plant-filled farm in Cannon Falls (less than one hour from the Twin Cities).

Registration materials are not quite ready, but I should have them in the next couple of days. In the meantime, here’s a list and descriptions of the some of the workshops we are offering this year.

Send me a message or put your questions in the comment section.

2012 Holistic Health and Herbal Education Festival—Workshop Descriptions

Creating Your Personal Herbal Pharmacy with Connie Karstens

Discover how easy and fun it is to make safe and effective herbal remedies.  Get an understanding of the many different herbal preparations and how to incorporate them into your personal health plan.  Learn the basics in how to use local plants for making teas, tinctures, glycerites, tonics, vinegar infusions, oils, salves, syrups, oxymels, compresses, poultices, liniments and more.

Explore the World of Fragrance and Essential Oils with Erin Piorier

Makers of natural bath and body products, lovers of the scents of nature—this workshop is for you.  We will demystify the world of fragrance discussing the differences among fragrance oil, essential oil, absolutes, oleoresins an co2 extracts. We will also discuss price, safety and quality issues with essential oils and other fragrant ingredients. We will smell lots of oils and try our hand at the art of blending, discussing top notes, middle notes and base notes and learn to create appealing scent combinations.  I will share the recipe and demonstrate the technique for my Whipped Shea Butter Sugar Scrub and students will make a personal blend that you will use to scent a sample of scrub to take home with you.

Supplies: There is no additional fee for this workshop but participants need to bring a very small container (cosmetic, salve or baby food, tiny jam jar) for your scrub sample.

Herbal First Aid with Lise Wolff

 Taking care of yourself, family and friends can be simple. Learn about four common, but miraculous plants that cover many fist aid situations.

Identifying Body Imbalances & Finding an Effective Healing Herbal Remedy with Connie Karstens

(for intermediate level students)

Historically six tissue states were used to describe the internal state of the body.  These tissue states describe a pattern of imbalance in the body that manifests itself as either an excess or deficiency.  Learn how to readily recognize these tissue states and which herbs will help balance the body so it can begin to heal on a cellular level first.

It’s Not What You Eat, But What You Digest!  With Katherine Krumwiede

Learn the Top Ten Tips for improving your digestion to promote health and eliminate or reduce acid reflux, bloating, flatulence, sinus infections and more.  Even if you eat the best of foods but aren’t digesting them well, you’re not getting all that your food has to offer.  Whether you’d like to eliminate uncomfortable digestive sensations or simply optimize your health, this class is for you

Make It Topical: The Medicinal Ointment with Macey Flood

Oils and ointments are wonderful means to applying herbs directly to the spots that need them.  Come learn how to make your own oils and salves.  We’ll collect useful herbs and make our own oils, and you’ll also bring home a sample ointment.  All materials are included.  $5.00 fee payable to instructor for materials

Minnesota Medicinal Trees and Shrubs with Erin Piorier

Herbal lovers are good at recognizing the plants that grow beneath our feet.  But what about the old ones, the tall ones, the woody ones that return year after year and reach their arms into the sky?  In this workshop we will focus on the trees and shrubs of the upper Midwest. We will start by introducing some excellent resources to guide you on your journey and then we’ll walk. We will identify as many trees and shrubs as we can and stop beneath the medicinal ones to discuss the part used in herbalism, the time of harvest and the indications for use.  We may see Elderberry, Juniper, Black Walnut, Ohio Buckeye, Bur Oak, Quaking Aspen, Wild Cherry, Prickly Ash, Chokecherry, Wild Plum, Sumac, Black Cap Raspberry and more.

Pranayama and Bandhas : Breath and Concentration for Health and Vitality with Matthew Portwood

 Breath control and bandhas (activation of deep core muscles) have been used for thousands of years in Yoga practice with the intention of total liberation, or enlightenment.  These practices also offer many therapeutic benefits.  In this class we will look at Pranayama and Bhanda from a physical mental and emotional perspective and how these can be used as tools to heal various chronic and acute conditions.  You will learn practical exercises which you can incorporate into your life and practices and you will actually get to experience the effects of pranayama and bhanda on body mind emotions and subtle aspects.

Pulse Testing 101 with Lise Wolff

Finally a simple technique to help you pick remedies for your friends and family.  Learn to sense the quality of different peoples’ pulses and feel shifts when different remedies are administered.  Absolutely hands-on.

Tinctures and Teas with Macey Flood

The best way to take an herb is to drink it, yes?  Tinctures and teas are two of the most common ways we use herbs for medicine. Learn how to infuse, decoct, and what makes a tincture tick, then make your own!  We’ll take a brief plant walk to collect some herbs for preparation.  All materials are included.  $5.00 fee payable to instructor for materials.

Why You Should Love Latin Plant Names with Judith Sims

If you are at all fascinated by language, you will be lavishly rewarded by parsing the scientific names of plants.  Learn a bit about the history, structure and uses of plant names and leave with a few simple rules that will help you pronounce them acceptably. Names can be a beautiful entrée into the world of plants!


2012 Holistic Health and Herbal Education Festival: Instructor Bios

Macey Flood, Herbalist and Reiki Practitioner

Herbalist Macey Flood has been enamoured with plant medicine since she was a wee thing in the mountains of Colorado.  She graduated from Lise’s 3 Seasons class in 2011, having studied with Sage Mountain and various area herbalists, and is currently apprenticed to Lise Wolff.  You can find her leading plant walks in Minneapolis and St. Paul or online HerbalSchmerbal.com.  When she isn’t trying to find a patch of wild Agrimony, she practices Reiki, writes, and chases around her one year old son Morris.

Connie Karstens, Herbalist and Holistic Health Educator

Connie Karstens, MS, is a Traditional Western Herbalist and a Holistic Health Educator who uses local plants for medicinal remedies. She is a third generation natural healer, holds a BA in Biology from the University of St. Thomas and an MS in Health and Nutrition Education from Hawthorn University and has taught college nutrition for 14 years.

For over 25 years, she and her husband have worked on their 180-acre sustainable livestock farm where sheep and other livestock are grazed with bio-dynamic farming practices. She also is the owner of a health food store and wellness center located on her farm.  Connie offers private wellness consultations incorporating whole foods nutrition, herbs, stress management techniques, and other natural remedies to support and build overall health and re-balance the body.

She teaches classes both privately and through Community Education and conducts workshops to facilitate health and healing.  Connie is the author of a series of herbal knowledge card sets and other herbal medicine and wild edibles educational material. Her passion is to empower others to attain self-sufficiency and build vibrant health by sharing her knowledge.

Katherine Krumwiede, Acupuncturist, Herbalist

Katherine Krumwiede is a licensed acupuncturist, herbalist and gardener whose practice focuses heavily on using nutrition as well as acupuncture, herbs, flower essences and lifestyle recommendations to bring about optimal health.  Good health starts with good food and excellent digestion.  Katherine has long been inspired by Sun Si Miao, a famous 7th century Chinese physician, who believed that only those adept in dietary therapy could be called superb physicians.  Her website, diamondstoneom.com, contains plenty of inspiration, recipes, links and ways to incorporate acupuncture into your wellness routine.

Erin Piorier, Herbalist

Erin Piorier is a professional herbalist who has been studying and working with plants for over twelve years.  Her education includes study with  Minnesota’s most prominent herbalists and clinical  training  through an 18 month apprenticeship.   Erin is available for private consultation and provides her clients with handmade wildcrafted herbal products.  She is committed to safe, collaborative,  respectful natural health care that treats the whole person.  Erin lives in St. Paul with her husband and two children and is active in the natural birth and family health communities.  You can find Erin on the web at www.minnesotaherbalist.comn and www.holisticbirthmn.com.

 Judith Sims

Judith Sims is an award-winning researcher who, tragically, has had to embed her true calling as a comedienne into media products about herbs.  After eight years of work (when not actually avoiding work) on her guide to plant names, she is really glad to make her best contribution yet to the herbal world.

Lise Wolff, Registered Herbalist, AHG

Lise Wolff has studied herbalism for twenty-three years, with herbalists from Susun Weed to Matthew Wood with whom she apprenticed in 1995.  She is a professional member of The American Herbalist Guild and received her MSc in Scotland.   An active practitioner, Lise supplies her apothecary primarily with herbs she gathers and prepares.  She maintains a private practice in South Minneapolis and is available for private consultations.  For the past fifteen years she has taught beginning and advanced herb classes in the Midwest based on actual case histories. Lise’s primary focus is on the most prolific plants available commonly called weeds, that insistently volunteer their nutrition and healing powers everywhere we walk.

In 2010 and 2011 Lise taught at the University of Minnesota Center for Spirituality and Healing as a part of the School of Nursing curriculum for the Doctor of Nursing Practice.  Fall 2010 Lise was appointed to the academic faculty of St. Katherine University. As adjunct professor, she teaches the Herbology course for the Master of Arts in Holistic Health Studies.

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