Inspiration for the Herbalist

“When we claim the title of plant healers, we’re asserting that our purpose or work is–at least in part–helping to heal with plants, and not that we are the elite or enlightened New Age source of healing powers.  We know that no matter how sensitive or intuitive, gifted or powerful we ever are, it is not we who do the healing but, primarily, that it is the person’s own bodily healing energies that do the vital work, nourished activated, stimulated or otherwise aided by the actions of the plants we work with.”  –Jesse Wolf Hardin in Plant Healer Vol 1. #1.

So true and really speaks to the nature of what a good herbalist does and for that matter, any holistic practitioner. It is really all about facilitating the meeting of the person and the appropriate plant. Sometimes if you are lucky you are able with your words and gentle encouragement, help people become more deeply connected to themselves and access their own authority with regards to their health.

This quote is from the first issue of Plant Healer Magazine.  My friend and fellow herbalist and acupunturist Katherine, was raving about this magazine a year ago.I subscribed  and never even opened any of the digital issues that arrived in my email inbox.  Well, I finally started reading…wow!  Plant Healer is a sizable quarterly magazine full of content from skillful, experienced and diverse voices in the herbal community. So far I’ve enjoyed great articles by Rosemary Gladstar, Matthew Wood, Paul Bergner, Jim McDonald, Phyllis Light and the magazine’s co-founders Jesse Wolf Hardin and Kiva Rose.  The topics are also diverse including botany, wildcrafting, edibles and recipes and substantive clinical and theoretical information including case studies.

Check it out herbal friends and support this great resource.

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