Traditional Herbal Medicine for Health and Well-Being of Body, Mind and Spirit



This site is dedicated to the promotion of Traditional Western Herbalism a  time-honored and effective healing practice.  This site is also the homepage for Erin Piorier, an herbalist offering classes, herbal consultations and holistic midwifery services in the greater Twin Cities area and the creator of the natural health and skin care line Blue Vervain Botanicals.

The articles and resources on this website and the classes and services offered aim to serve you as you find your way to health care that is safe, gentle and effective and foster greater connection with your own body, community and the earth.


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  1. Another question:) I was told to slice and dry roots for a bit ? But it looks like your tincturing them right after harvest? Maybe either way is fine?

    • There are some who dry herbs before tincturing and some who don’t, so either is fine. Personally, I like to use fresh plant material; I think it’s more energetic and vibrant and any delicate constituents are not lost to drying or heating. I also think it eliminates the extra step of drying. I just put the fresh roots into the menstruum. The exception is making infused oils, where the water in the fresh plants mixed with the oil can cause a higher chance of spoiling. For oils I dry the plant material (not fully) for 24 hours.

  2. I submitted payment via the Paypal link for myself and my daughter to attend the Herbalist Festival however did not find anywhere to actually “Register” the two of us. What did I do wrong? And how do I get our names registered correctly? Thank you.

    • Hi Trisha,
      Your payment was recieved and that’s all you have to do to register. I noticed that the email associated with your paypal account is different than the one I see when you commented on my blog. My co-organizer, Lise, sent an email to all registrants with information about the event, it would have been sent to the email address you use with your paypal account. I will forward it to your other email address. Let me know if you have other questions or if you don’t get the email. You can reach me directly at See you sunday!

    • Thanks for letting me know, Brooke. I will forward the email that my co-organizier, Lise, sent to participants to the email you have given me in your comment. See you on Sunday!

  3. Hi Erin,
    I am currently perusing my certificate in holistic health through St. Kate’s masters of holistic health program. One of our assignments is to interview someone in the community that is practicing holistic health! My partner and I are interested in learning more about herbalism! Would you be available for my partner and I to interview you?
    Kari Griffin

  4. Hello Erin,
    Just to say thank you for the incredible sensually evocative soaps you make. No other soaps come close to yours!
    I look forward to attending a soap making workshop by Erin. Please schedule a soap workshop in 2017.
    Thank you, Jean

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